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Queenstown’s residential growth corridor expands as new lifestyle sections in Kingston are placed on the market for sale

The five blocks are on the southern edge of Lake Wakatipu – in what was land formerly operated as part of Glen Nevis Station. The exclusive enclave is to be known as Aurora Terrace.

Located some 40-minutes’ drive from Central Queenstown or 30 minutes from Frankton, the five Kingston lifestyle block sized sections are an extension of Queenstown’s urban growth down the eastern portion of Lake Wakatipu – starting at Frankton, then creeping south down to Hanley’s Farm, and Jack’s Point.

The Aurora Terrace lots in Kingston comprise multiple different configurations facing toward the lake - all with 400-square metre building platforms on landholdings encompassing:

• Lot 1 – a 1.53-hectare section
• Lot 2 – a 1.29-hectare section
• Lot 3 – a 1.19-hectare section
• Lot 4 – a 1.3-hectare section
• The ‘jewel in the crown’ Lot 5 – an expansive 8.36-hectare section.

All five Aurora Terrace sections have similar multi-tiered topography, and all have lake views. The sections’ top terrace adjacent to Kingston Highway will be retained as open pasture for either grazing or grass growth. An undulating escarpment then separates the top terrace from the middle terrace where the five allocated building sites will be situated on relatively flat ground.

The second steeper and higher escarpment then leads down to the lower terrace just above Lake Wakatipu, and consists of undulating wetland and natural rocky outcrops throughout several gullies which will be revegetated with native plantings and mixed broadleaf forest species as part of the subdivision works.

The five Aurora Terrace sites are now being marketed for sale by deadline offers through Bayleys Queenstown, with offers closing on March 29. Salespeople Jimmy Allen and Jessica Coburn said the sites were unparallel in the area – benefiting not only from their substantial size, but also the unobstructed Lake Wakatipu views in what was being developed as an environmentally-focused approach.

“Development of this site has been carefully planned to maintain its pristine environmental integrity - with vegetation around the properties managed by the Glen Nevis Station farm manager for more than 10-years,” said Coburn.

“Land in the district is difficult to come by - let alone lakefront - with development increasing rapidly and moving further and further out of Queenstown. These five sites offer the opportunity to secure a rare piece of land that cannot be replicated, in size, quality or proximity to Queenstown.”

Building covenant guidelines encompassing construction guidelines for homes within Aurora Terrace as part of the resourced granting process, stipulate that dwellings can be built up to six-metres high – enough for two storeys, must feature low reflection rooflines, feature natural wall colourings, and have water storage facilities either below ground or screened from boundary viewing lines.

Entrance to the five sections will be off an extension to Wesney Terrace, and individual section titles are expected to be issued by June 2022.

Queenstown Lakes District Council forecasts that the region’s resident population is set to grow to nearly 77,500 people by 2051 – almost double the 2021 resident population. Simultaneously, the territorial body is anticipating the number of houses within its boundary will increase to more than 39,300 dwellings by 2051.

To sustain this population growth, and concurrent construction of dwellings, the Council’s Operative District Plan has taken into account the need for larger sections in semi-rural locations such as Kingston.

“The Council recognises there is a demand for low-density residential living within rural areas by people wishing to enjoy the quietness and natural environment,” says the district plan.

“Meeting the residential needs of the district’s urban population cannot be accommodated within the existing towns, settlements or ‘rural lifestyle’ areas without significantly affecting current residential amenity values – such as density levels, protection of views, privacy, or detracting from the significant landscape values and natural features.”

Allen said: “The council’s planning ethos is very much behind the philosophy of Aurora Terrace – where a low-density character will guarantee general protection for views, sunlight admission, and privacy.”

“The Aurora Terrace boutique neighbourhood will appeal to those wanting to establish a quality holiday home in the region away from the hustle and bustle of Queenstown, yet close enough to be able to access the town’s amenities when needed,” he added.

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