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Selling your property offshore

From many years’ experience selling property globally and given the vastness of the international market, we have found personal representation to be the most effective way of marketing property offshore.

This is done in two main ways:

Regular offshore visits are undertaken by key personnel from Bayleys’ international division led by Bayleys’ Executive Director David Bayley, National Director of Commercial & Industrial Ryan Johnson and Director of Asian Markets James Chan. They visit Australia and many parts of Asia including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. These trips are used to touch base with existing clients and prospect for new investors through seminars, functions and meetings organised by key business partners such as banks, immigration consultants and Bayleys’ international partner Knight Frank. We take comprehensive information on properties likely to be of interest to offshore buyers on these trips and personally represent them to both existing and new clients.

Database marketing. Bayleys has a very strong offshore database of contacts built up over 30 years of marketing New Zealand property abroad. This is constantly qualified and updated. We know what properties will appeal to certain types of buyers and personally represent them to those prospective purchasers.

Where appropriate, particularly for higher value properties, we will also undertake some targeted advertising offshore through print and digital media.

Offshore commercial property investors are particularly interested in:

Commercial and industrial investment opportunities either with strong tenant covenants and/or an opportunity to add value;

Substantial commercial, industrial, mixed use and residential land holdings. Properties on which development feasibility studies have been undertaken have the best chance of success;

Offerings which provide business and/or leisure opportunities such as vineyards, food production facilities, hospitality premises, golf courses and accommodation complexes such as motels, particularly where they are well located on sites that have future redevelopment potential;

Business opportunities which provide a means of obtaining permanent residency.

Like most prospective purchasers, offshore investors generally do their homework on properties that they are interested in buying, including ascertaining what prices similar properties are selling for. The more comprehensive the information we have on your property the better.